Ikonika: Beach Mode Keep It Simple feat Jessy Lanza (Hyperdub 2013)

Loving this album right now, right up my genre alley. Below is the review from RA, could not have put it in a more eloquent manner. One of my favourites is Beach Mode, go on, listen to it.

‘Aerotropolis is nicely punctuated by “Completion V.3” and “Cryo,” two moments of sombre contemplation. But overall, the vibe of Aerotropolis is one of contagious optimism. While her trademark brash, over-exposed synths, snapping snares and bubbling drums remain, Ikonika has decluttered her beats and brought fresh new influences into play. Equal parts ’90s R&B, ’90s garage and classic Ikonika, “Beach Mode (Keep It Simple)” is the most convincing house revivalism you will hear this side of George Fitzgerald. On “Manchego” the fat, electro-funk bounce that has always been a part of Ikonika’s sound is more prominent than ever. That track, a seeming conveyor belt of irrepressible hands-in-the-air hooks, is one of several on Aerotropolis that could cause mayhem at this year’s festivals.

On “Eternal Mode,” “Let A Smile Be (Y)our Umbrella” and “Lights Are Forever,” Ikonika makes like Gui Boratto, revelling in the kind of soaring, shamelessly euphoric melodies that made Chromophobia sonic Prozac. To put it in simple terms: Ikonika has delivered one of 2013’s definitive summer albums. It’s time to get happy.’



01. Mise En Place
02. Beach Mode (Keep It Simple) Feat. Jessy Lanza
03. Mr Cake
04. Practice Beats
05. Eternal Mode
06. Completion V3
07. Manchego
08. Let A Smile Be (Y)our Umbrella
09. Lights Are Forever
10. Mega Church Feat. Optimum
11. Cryo 1
12. Backhand Winners
13. You Won’t Find It There
14. Zen Sizzle

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