Chet Faker Built on Glass

Chet Faker

Some of you might have been extremely lucky to watch Chet last night at Astor in Perth. I am KICKING myself for not having bought the tickets earlier. There’s still be some around, I told myself. All hope is not lost though, as I find out yesterday that Chet will be back for the Listen Out concert in September! YES! Turns out Chet the man is pretty popular in this side of the country. Chet is definitely one of those artists who just have a special way to my heart. With mellow, smooth, and almost lazy vocals, and smart arrangements, the tracks are pretty varied and as NOW Magazine perfectly sums it up ‘However varied the influences, there‚Äôs one thing the songs have in common: they all make you feel some type of way.’ If I WERE to pick a favourite, it would be ‘Talk is Cheap’ followed closely behind by ‘To Me’ and ‘Cigarettes and Loneliness’; actually no, totally scratch that, let’s rectify this, choosing a favourite would just be controversial here as I do love the whole album with a passion. The more I listen to it, the MORE I love. Yes such a thing is possible.

Faster Louder did a pretty accurate review of the album:–Built-On-Glass

Sit back and let this masterpiece of an album engulf you, transport you. You will be transfixed by how amazing it is, I promise.



Built On Glass tracklisting

Release Your Problems
Talk Is Cheap
No Advice (Airport Version)
Melt (feat. Kilo Kish)
To Me
Cigarettes & Loneliness
Lesson In Patience
Dead Body

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